Fun Friday!

Fun Fridays!

This is something I love! Crafting is something I love, though what I really mean is scrapbooking! Tonight I will be scrapbooking with some ladies at my church! I can’t wait! Hubbie will be at work, Pumpkin Head will get to be kept at Craft night and I will get to do any kind of craft I want! So what are some of your favorite things to do? Do any of you enjoy crafting?


I have currently been working on a particular scrapbook for about 4 years. Well, let me be honest. I took about 3 years off from Scrapbooking and am just now getting back into it. This is a book all about my dad. My dad passed away when I was 17 and I really want Pumpkin Head to have a fun visual way to get to know who her biological grandpa was. I really hope to finish this project soon!


Any craft-spiration for me? (You know craft inspiration 😀 ) Share with me!


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