I’m still here :)

I promise that I haven’t gone away! I’m still here! Due to the fact that we had the 4th last week, I spent some time with my family and then had to do some major cleaning!

I’m not sure how many of you out there have trouble with time management, but I promise I am one of the WORST! I really struggle to keep a schedule and stay on task! Hubbie works two jobs so that I can stay home with Pumpkin Head…and I really appreciate this! However, I am not always the best SAHM. I have a hard time trying to keep my house clean and keeping up with everything else. I have always been a big procrastinator, but I am really working on this!

I recently found a website…FlyLady…and it has helped me some. I am still really struggling. This week I am trying to stay on a schedule. I have assigned myself 6 tasks a day that range in the amount of time it will take to preform them (anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour). I am hoping that by keeping this list and having Hubbie keep me accountable, I will actually get some things done! I will let you guys know on Sunday how I did!

Two other notes for you all…I have a fellow blogger who is also a friend and she has started a blog that I love! She is really inspiring me to WANT to loose weight and to really try and make some changes to my diet. I have already started some of these changes that I want to do (such as adding more fruit and veggies into my diet). So if you have time check out her blog here and show her some love! She is amazing and inspirational!

And for the second and last note…if you find yourself using TONS of zippy bags like I do (I use them to pack Hubbie’s lunch and snacks for Pumpkin Head) then perhaps you will like this: PlanetWise Clear Snack Bags. I recently won one (it came in a cute dinosaur print with the clear window) and I realized that I needed some more. It would ultimately save me money over the long run so I ordered some last week. Once I get them all in, I will let you know how much I love them! Stay tuned for that 😀


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