What are you interested in?

Okay guys! I need some feedback. I am wondering, what you are interested in hearing about? Here are some things that I am interested in and if you are interested in any of these things leave a comment and I may just write a post about it. I am interested in:

books (I absolutely love to read and love hearing what others are reading)

cloth diapers (I like using cloth diapers and totally see their value)

cooking (I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes)

movies (Hubbie and I LOVE movies!)

Gilmore Girls (well I mean who doesn’t love Gilmore Girls???)

music (I love pretty much any kind of music…Christian rap is my fave!)

kid stuff (I love finding new products for Pumpkin Head for sure!)

If you guys will let me know what you all are interested in, I would love to write about things that you guys are interested in. This will also help in the future if I ever get into doing giveaways. Just let me know. Hope you guys have a great Tuesday 😀


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