As promised, I thought I would tell you about Summerfest. I enjoyed Summerfest. I didn’t get to go for as long as I wanted (since the time that I really wanted to go, it started to rain) but I did get to go for about an hour. I was bummed that they ran out of pork chop sandwiches. I was really hoping to have one so that I could put some super yummy Tabasco steak sauce on it, but hey I got chicken instead. Also, they had no orange shake-ups. I was SUPER bummed about this. I love orange shake-ups. I got a lemon one instead which was good, just not as good. I also veered off into the super duper unhealthy section of fair type food. As my dear aunt told me, “It’s not every day that you get it, so just get it!” I had myself a yummy funnel cake 🙂 I did share some with Pumpkin Head and she enjoyed it as well (She rarely ever gets sweet treats so it was definitely a treat for her). I thought I would include a couple of pictures that I took while at Summerfest. Yes, my town is small. 🙂 Enjoy them. And by they way, you definitely want to come back by tomorrow 🙂


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