PlanetWise Snack Bags Review AND Giveaway!!!

As I had promised, I am going to review the PlanetWise snack bags that I purchased. I LOVE these! I purchased a set of the Sandwich bags and a set of the Snack Bags. I love that PlanetWise offers the clear bags. Now they offer adorable fabric designed bags as well, but the clear ones are cheaper which is great! I pack my husband a lunch every day that he works and I use a LOT of zippy bags. He usually gets one or two sandwiches and some carrots. He also gets fruit cups and peanut butter crackers, but those don’t need a zippy bag :). These reusable bags are going to come in so handy.

One thing I love about these bags is the corners. Inside, they have angled corners which make it super easy to clean. No bread crumbs can get caught in there since they are angled. This is wonderful to me. I also love that these bags can run through my washing machine if I need them to (which is really handy if you spring for the fabric design ones). The velcro is super secure on these bags so there is no worry that the cheerios you put in there are going to fall out.

Now if you like saving money these are totally worth it. You can get three sandwich size bags for $15.50 and three snack size bags for $13.95. These are definitely worth the money because you can use them indefinitely unlike the zippy bags that can really be used only once. Note: They also have gallon size bags, quart size bags, and sandwich wraps. All totally useful and overtime I will be adding at least the gallon and quart size to my stash 🙂

For the fun part, I am going to giveaway one of my snack bags. Please note this is a self-funded giveaway since I bought and paid for them. Open to the US only. Here is what you have to do to be entered:

1) Follow my blog via e-mail (I will check to make sure) and post a comment telling me you do with your e-mail address written out like SAHMinKY(at)gmail(dot)com.

2) Follow via twitter and leave a comment telling me you do with your e-mail address and your twitter handle.

3) Share this on twitter and leave me a comment telling me you did with the link to your tweet and your e-mail address.

4) Tell me something funny and leave your e-mail address.

Thanks so much for playing 🙂 I will close the giveaway on Friday July, 27th at 12:01 a.m. and I will e-mail the winner and they have 24 hours to respond

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are my own. I wasn’t compensated for this giveaway. I bought all the items listed and am self-funding the giveaway*


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