So yep, I’m a nerd!

I freely admit this! I.AM.A.NERD! Now why you may ask am I a nerd? I like geeky things! Yep, I admit it! I LOVE watching Doctor Who! I mean I love it! I dream about it (yeah I know it’s weird)! I want a TARDIS journal and I REALLY want the brand new Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote! It looks soooo stinkin’ cool! It makes the sound and all! I want a t-shirt and I would love to have a custom made cloth diaper for Pumpkin Head! If the Doctor was real, I would totally want Hubbie, Pumpkin Head and me to travel with the Doctor!


Just to further prove how geeky I am and how much I LOVE Doctor Who…There is a contest going on at the BumGenius Blog for a chance to win cloth diapers. Now, this contest requires you to ‘dress’ up your stroller and your family and take pictures of it. I REALLY want to make Pumpkin Head’s stroller look like a TARDIS and I want Hubbie to dress up like the Doctor! How fun would that be????


I have recently discovered how much I love Science Fiction TV shows. I mean I have always loved Star Wars, but it has gotten worse! I think it all started when I began watching Battlestar Galactica and then watched Caprica. Yep, I totally fell in love with it and then I fell in love with a Time Lord 😀 Well I guess I have shared enough of my guilty pleasure with you at the moment.
Do you have a TV show that you love? Do you love Doctor Who (and secretly wish he was real so that you could travel through time and space and help save the world)? Share some comments!


Oh and remember: Don’t Blink!!! (and PLEASE comment if you know what that means!)


Wordless Wednesday

So here is my (somewhat) Wordless Wednesday post…I titled it “Mommy is this how I use this thing?” Enjoy 😀


Really??? Put up a sign!

So yesterday we had a birthday bash for the youth group. Pumpkin Head and I ran to our local dollar store to pick up some clothes pins for clothespin tag. While looking for them (which takes forever because they aren’t where I think they should be) and finally finding the right aisle, I with Pumpkin Head in my arms slide down and land on my butt! Now, why would I slide down you may be thinking? Well of course, it is because there is a HUGE spill in the aisle. Is there any sign saying “Caution. Wet Floor”? No of course not. My kiddo is screaming and does any store employee come over to check on us? Nope, now a fellow patron does to make sure we are ok, but that’s it. I get up to the register with my clothespins and I let the guy at the register (who just started helping at check out because there was such a long line) know that there needs to be a sign stating that the aisle is wet because I just fell and while I’m ok and so is my daughter she does have a scrape on her leg. He basically down played it and said that when he got time, he would put up a sign. I sure hope no elderly person slipped and fell because I think they would really hurt themselves.


Today, I decided to go to the companies website and write a message about what happened so that they would be aware. Thus far I have heard nothing in response to my note. I really do hope that no one else fell and hurt themselves. I also have no idea what I slipped in as I am not sure that it was strictly water. I am also super glad that I held tightly to Pumpkin Head so that she didn’t hurt herself worse. Other some bruising on her foot and leg and I also have a bruise and am sore, we are fine. She seems totally unaffected by it. I guess I am for the most part other than being frustrated with people that should be handling a situation better.


Has anything like this ever happened to you? What did you do?


So I think that I may be one of the worst housekeepers ever! I try really hard, but I fail at this frequently. Yesterday, though, I got an itch to clean. Now this happens quite infrequently, but I am hoping that I can keep the momentum of yesterday. We have a laundry room in our house and it’s kind of been a catch all for junk. It’s been REALLY messy for a while, to the point of ‘I only want to go in there to wash clothes.’ Which is hard for me, because I LOVE (yep it’s odd) doing laundry and I was HATING it! So yesterday when Hubbie went to work (he leaves around two M-F) and Pumpkin Head still had about 2 hours to finish her nap, I started working on the laundry room (insert ominous music here). And you know what? I got a pretty good chunk of it cleaned during that time. Then, once Pumpkin Head went to bed, I finished it. It is all cleaned! Washer and Dryer are dusted, floor has been sweeped and mopped and everything is put away. Hubbie was shocked and how good it looks. He made the traditional remark of, “Hey did you know we had a room back there?” It made me feel really good! Tonight I am going to finish cleaning my kitchen. I am excited and am hoping to have this all finished tonight. If my momentum continues, hopefully I will get the den all cleaned on Saturday. Then on Monday I have plans for Hubbie and my bedroom and Tuesday, Pumpkin Head’s bedroom. Hopefully I will stay on task and be able to accomplish all my goals! Here is hoping it will work!


How do you keep your house clean? Do you keep a schedule or are you just treading water (that’s the way I feel lots of times!)?

Healthy Snack Day

Well, we have been battling bronchitis in our house this week. No fun! On Saturday, Pumpkin Head woke up with a feever of around 102 and she pretty much kept the fever all weekend. On Monday it was lower, but I decided to take her in anyways since she had started having a producing cough. Surprisingly to me she has bronchitis. I didn’t realize that you could get bronchitis in the summer. Of course, I now don’t feel so well, but hopefully I will start to feel better soon.


Anyways, today while Haddie was finishing her nap, I cut up some yummy fruit for our snack. I cut up cantaloupe (which is her favorite), kiwi (which I usually love, but it wasn’t the best I’ve had) and an apple (which we both love). Pumpkin Head ate every piece of cantaloupe that was there and tried the Kiwi, though she spit it out promptly 🙂 She ate a piece or two of the apple though I don’t think she was in the mood for it since she had some with her lunch.


Healthy Snacks are fun and tasty and make me feel better about having an afternoon snack! I enjoy snacks and I enjoy food. I especially love fruit! My favorites are watermelon, oranges and strawberries! What are some of your favorite fruits? What are some of your favorite things to eat for a snack?