Wordless Wednesday

So here is my wordless Wednesday post. Hope you enjoy it! I call it “Oh it’s for riding? I like the music!”


One thought on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Just got back home after 5 days with Beth and family. Had a blast playing with Annlee and AJ. Shadow is so in love with them both and just has to steal kisses every chance he gets. He is so funny. He will ease up to AJ walking sideways thinking we won’t notice and then he gives a very quick lick. But the flavor is so magical, he just can’t control himself and AJ gets a puppy bath from head to toe–until Milton or me grab him up and tell him “No!” for the 1000th time. Friday night, he hopped in bed with Annlee and was kissing her like crazy. She pulled her cover up over his head and he was licking her legs. She peeped under to watch and laugh and his tail was wagging like crazy. In fact, he was swatting her face-whack, whack whack- first the right cheek and then the left and back again. It really was funny. Before I could intercede, she grabbed his tail in her fist, and gave him a swift bite. He yelped, but stopped licking for a while. I don’t think Beth or Rick would see the humor in that little episode. She has really started jabbering away and she was constantly saying, “Silly Puppy! Come Puppy, No, Puppy and SSSSShad-doooh!” I cried on the way home. I wish they lived a little closer than 233 miles. I know your mommy wishes you were closer too.

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