So I think that I may be one of the worst housekeepers ever! I try really hard, but I fail at this frequently. Yesterday, though, I got an itch to clean. Now this happens quite infrequently, but I am hoping that I can keep the momentum of yesterday. We have a laundry room in our house and it’s kind of been a catch all for junk. It’s been REALLY messy for a while, to the point of ‘I only want to go in there to wash clothes.’ Which is hard for me, because I LOVE (yep it’s odd) doing laundry and I was HATING it! So yesterday when Hubbie went to work (he leaves around two M-F) and Pumpkin Head still had about 2 hours to finish her nap, I started working on the laundry room (insert ominous music here). And you know what? I got a pretty good chunk of it cleaned during that time. Then, once Pumpkin Head went to bed, I finished it. It is all cleaned! Washer and Dryer are dusted, floor has been sweeped and mopped and everything is put away. Hubbie was shocked and how good it looks. He made the traditional remark of, “Hey did you know we had a room back there?” It made me feel really good! Tonight I am going to finish cleaning my kitchen. I am excited and am hoping to have this all finished tonight. If my momentum continues, hopefully I will get the den all cleaned on Saturday. Then on Monday I have plans for Hubbie and my bedroom and Tuesday, Pumpkin Head’s bedroom. Hopefully I will stay on task and be able to accomplish all my goals! Here is hoping it will work!


How do you keep your house clean? Do you keep a schedule or are you just treading water (that’s the way I feel lots of times!)?


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