So yep, I’m a nerd!

I freely admit this! I.AM.A.NERD! Now why you may ask am I a nerd? I like geeky things! Yep, I admit it! I LOVE watching Doctor Who! I mean I love it! I dream about it (yeah I know it’s weird)! I want a TARDIS journal and I REALLY want the brand new Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote! It looks soooo stinkin’ cool! It makes the sound and all! I want a t-shirt and I would love to have a custom made cloth diaper for Pumpkin Head! If the Doctor was real, I would totally want Hubbie, Pumpkin Head and me to travel with the Doctor!


Just to further prove how geeky I am and how much I LOVE Doctor Who…There is a contest going on at the BumGenius Blog for a chance to win cloth diapers. Now, this contest requires you to ‘dress’ up your stroller and your family and take pictures of it. I REALLY want to make Pumpkin Head’s stroller look like a TARDIS and I want Hubbie to dress up like the Doctor! How fun would that be????


I have recently discovered how much I love Science Fiction TV shows. I mean I have always loved Star Wars, but it has gotten worse! I think it all started when I began watching Battlestar Galactica and then watched Caprica. Yep, I totally fell in love with it and then I fell in love with a Time Lord 😀 Well I guess I have shared enough of my guilty pleasure with you at the moment.
Do you have a TV show that you love? Do you love Doctor Who (and secretly wish he was real so that you could travel through time and space and help save the world)? Share some comments!


Oh and remember: Don’t Blink!!! (and PLEASE comment if you know what that means!)


One thought on “So yep, I’m a nerd!

  1. Don’t Blink. Absolutely the best episode ever. In fact, probably the best of any show–right up there with the Bonanza episode when Hoss saw leprachans. Did you know that Dr Who used to come on when I was your age, a million years ago. I watched it then as well. Ever now and then I record an episode, but don’t get to watch it that much because Milt hates it. So, are you going to make her stroller into phone booth? A tall cardboard box should do the trick. Paint it and fix it up. Too cute. Haddie can be Rose for the day.

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