Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

So Pumpkin Head, Hubbie and I had quite a busy weekend! Haddie is almost 19 months old and she was in her first wedding this weekend. She was a flower girl. This was quite stressful for me! I worried that she wouldn’t walk down the aisle or that she might cry. She surprised me though! She did such a great job! She walked in and was a little tentative at first. I was up front on the floor by the photographer with a rubber ducky (one of Pumpkin Head’s favorite) and she finally saw me. She gave a deep belly laugh and came running. It was adorable and everyone in the whole church laughed at how cute she was. She did so good and I was so proud of her! So was Hubbie! I took her out afterwards so she didn’t get too loud as she was in quite an energetic mood. After the wedding we had a night of worship at a farm of one of our church friends. He recently started a ministry called ISI Ministries. Needless to say Pumpkin Head had quite a busy day. She was quite tired and slept well Saturday night. On Sunday we had church and on Sunday night we also had church. We had quite a show from Pumpkin Head as she entertained the youth for sure with all her antics!

This week is going to be a little slower for us! Yeah!!! We are doing some “school” things. We are working on teeth brushing and art projects. Last week we made Grandparent’s Day cards for the grandparents and mailed them out! We are also working on some Brainy Baby DVD’s that teach about Music, Colors, Numbers (which she is totally not interested in right now!) and animals. She enjoys that, but right now she is a little young to get too much out of it. However, I think it is good to go on and get started 😀


I will leave you with a picture from the wedding so you can see how cute Pumpkin Head was! Hopefully I will be able to get some that the photographer took so that I will have some that look even better. Hope you all have a great week! Let me know what’s been going on with you guys…I would sure love to know!


2 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

  1. love keeping up with you on your blog. AJ cut is first tooth on his 4-month birthday and rolled over for the first time the same day. Since then, he has become a regular roly poly and they keep him on the floor as much as possible for safety sakes. Oh He has cut his second tooth too, so now he is a “two-fer toother” as Beth calls him. I’ve crocheted him and Annlee several items for our next visit which will be Sunday. I’ve made them each a pumpkin hat and a couple of other hats. I also made Aj a bib that has a pullover sweater type neckline (It looks like a little dickie with a pocket to catch dropped food) because kids like to yank the velcro bibs off. This will just pull on over his head and he will not be able to yank it off. The neck opening is large enough to come on/off easily and is made with 100% cotton yarn so it will be washable and bleachable to keep it pretty and white (I know, that is an awful color, but I had white cotton yarn on hand…) I’ve got to go pick up a passie to make AJ one of the Passie toys like I made Haddie. Annlee were too used to pass down. I haven’t decided what kind of critter to put on his–make something like a puppy or fish and sew it to the passie or make the braided octypus that needs no sweing… What do you think/recommend? Milt and I are taking a little cruise for our 47th anniversary and my 65th birthday on the 17th. Give Haddie-boo a hug and kiss from us.

  2. Awesome! My girls were in a wedding in July, it was outdoors and soooo hot. My youngest cried and my oldest wanted to dump all the flower petals in one spot. You never know how little ones will react, that’s so sure!

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