Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

So Pumpkin Head, Hubbie and I had quite a busy weekend! Haddie is almost 19 months old and she was in her first wedding this weekend. She was a flower girl. This was quite stressful for me! I worried that she wouldn’t walk down the aisle or that she might cry. She surprised me though! She did such a great job! She walked in and was a little tentative at first. I was up front on the floor by the photographer with a rubber ducky (one of Pumpkin Head’s favorite) and she finally saw me. She gave a deep belly laugh and came running. It was adorable and everyone in the whole church laughed at how cute she was. She did so good and I was so proud of her! So was Hubbie! I took her out afterwards so she didn’t get too loud as she was in quite an energetic mood. After the wedding we had a night of worship at a farm of one of our church friends. He recently started a ministry called ISI Ministries. Needless to say Pumpkin Head had quite a busy day. She was quite tired and slept well Saturday night. On Sunday we had church and on Sunday night we also had church. We had quite a show from Pumpkin Head as she entertained the youth for sure with all her antics!

This week is going to be a little slower for us! Yeah!!! We are doing some “school” things. We are working on teeth brushing and art projects. Last week we made Grandparent’s Day cards for the grandparents and mailed them out! We are also working on some Brainy Baby DVD’s that teach about Music, Colors, Numbers (which she is totally not interested in right now!) and animals. She enjoys that, but right now she is a little young to get too much out of it. However, I think it is good to go on and get started 😀


I will leave you with a picture from the wedding so you can see how cute Pumpkin Head was! Hopefully I will be able to get some that the photographer took so that I will have some that look even better. Hope you all have a great week! Let me know what’s been going on with you guys…I would sure love to know!


So yep, I’m a nerd!

I freely admit this! I.AM.A.NERD! Now why you may ask am I a nerd? I like geeky things! Yep, I admit it! I LOVE watching Doctor Who! I mean I love it! I dream about it (yeah I know it’s weird)! I want a TARDIS journal and I REALLY want the brand new Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote! It looks soooo stinkin’ cool! It makes the sound and all! I want a t-shirt and I would love to have a custom made cloth diaper for Pumpkin Head! If the Doctor was real, I would totally want Hubbie, Pumpkin Head and me to travel with the Doctor!


Just to further prove how geeky I am and how much I LOVE Doctor Who…There is a contest going on at the BumGenius Blog for a chance to win cloth diapers. Now, this contest requires you to ‘dress’ up your stroller and your family and take pictures of it. I REALLY want to make Pumpkin Head’s stroller look like a TARDIS and I want Hubbie to dress up like the Doctor! How fun would that be????


I have recently discovered how much I love Science Fiction TV shows. I mean I have always loved Star Wars, but it has gotten worse! I think it all started when I began watching Battlestar Galactica and then watched Caprica. Yep, I totally fell in love with it and then I fell in love with a Time Lord 😀 Well I guess I have shared enough of my guilty pleasure with you at the moment.
Do you have a TV show that you love? Do you love Doctor Who (and secretly wish he was real so that you could travel through time and space and help save the world)? Share some comments!


Oh and remember: Don’t Blink!!! (and PLEASE comment if you know what that means!)

What are you interested in?

Okay guys! I need some feedback. I am wondering, what you are interested in hearing about? Here are some things that I am interested in and if you are interested in any of these things leave a comment and I may just write a post about it. I am interested in:

books (I absolutely love to read and love hearing what others are reading)

cloth diapers (I like using cloth diapers and totally see their value)

cooking (I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes)

movies (Hubbie and I LOVE movies!)

Gilmore Girls (well I mean who doesn’t love Gilmore Girls???)

music (I love pretty much any kind of music…Christian rap is my fave!)

kid stuff (I love finding new products for Pumpkin Head for sure!)

If you guys will let me know what you all are interested in, I would love to write about things that you guys are interested in. This will also help in the future if I ever get into doing giveaways. Just let me know. Hope you guys have a great Tuesday 😀


So Saturday’s are one of my favorite days. As a family we don’t do a whole lot. We spend time together and enjoy each others company. Today was no different. Hubbie and I have been enjoying Battlestar Galactica together. I’m not sure why I never watched it before, but all I know is that now I love it. Pumpkin Head has been extremely tired today. She got to bed extremely late last night since I was at my craft night. She usually goes to bed around 8 and it was almost 10 by the time she went to sleep! So yes, she was tired today, but we still managed to play some and watch some Sesame Street.


Hubbie did do something nice for me out in the SCORCHING HEAT for me today! We have a storage shed 🙂 and it was in desperate need of a lock. Hubbie went and put a Hash lock or something like that on the shed. It was super hot, but I’m pumped that he did it so that I can now put some things in the shed. Things that I have been dying to get out of my house for a while. I can finally clean out my house and have a yard sale :D!


Anyways, I hope you all have a great weekend. On Monday I will be reviewing a product that I love. So stay tuned 😀

Fun Friday!

Fun Fridays!

This is something I love! Crafting is something I love, though what I really mean is scrapbooking! Tonight I will be scrapbooking with some ladies at my church! I can’t wait! Hubbie will be at work, Pumpkin Head will get to be kept at Craft night and I will get to do any kind of craft I want! So what are some of your favorite things to do? Do any of you enjoy crafting?


I have currently been working on a particular scrapbook for about 4 years. Well, let me be honest. I took about 3 years off from Scrapbooking and am just now getting back into it. This is a book all about my dad. My dad passed away when I was 17 and I really want Pumpkin Head to have a fun visual way to get to know who her biological grandpa was. I really hope to finish this project soon!


Any craft-spiration for me? (You know craft inspiration 😀 ) Share with me!